Babies Under 1
1-2 Year Olds
Kids 3 and Over
Reusable HippoHopp Family Card ($30 minimum)
25% off each admission       
($6.75 for 3 & up /$3.75 for 1 &
General Admission and HippoCard
Click here for PARTY pricing and details
Parents hopp for FREE, but
don't forget to wear your
socks if you plan to hopp too!
The HippoCard is a great way to SAVE at HippoHopp!
The HippoCard is a prepaid card that you can use to pay for anything at HippoHopp
    25% off admission each time you visit
    Monthly DEALS offered exclusively to HippoCard holders - check the HippoCalendar for current DEALS
    Comes in a family pack which conveniently attaches to your key chain, so one for mom, one for dad and one for nanny
    No more worrying about credit card minimums at the cafe
    Your balance never expires or loses value until you spend it

How it works:
    Minimum amount to load/reload is $30.
    Your card must have at least the amount of the admission price you need to pay in order to receive the 25% off discount.
    HippoCards may only be used at location of purchase and not interchangeably from one store to another.
    HippoCards must be present in order to use them